Grupo Iberico naturalized bathing water GIABN

Grupo Iberico for naturalized bathing water Association is an organization of professionals in design and construction of swimming pools purified by biological means.

The Group is open to professionals, project developers, owners and friends of bathing areas cleared by biological means.

The proceedings of GIABN are:

- Exchanging information on professional matters and in particular for the dissemination of good practice in design and construction of naturalized swimming pools.

- Bringing together the scientific knowledge to the assistance of all partners.

- To maintain contact with researchers and universities.

- Specific training for members through publications, conferences or other appropriate forms.

- Develop a quality brand in Spain and Portugal.

- Promote naturalized swimming pond in dialogue with national and international organizations, especially legislators and regulatory agencies.

- Promote international collaboration.

To become a member:

1. Make a download of the attached inscription fee in you language.
2. Print this paper.
3. Send the paper with your data as electronic mail or normal mail to the GIABN.
4. After admission of the board of GIABN you will receive your documents as a new member.

download: Membership application (80 kB)

Swimming ponds

In the Iberian Peninsula and in accordance with definitions in other European countries is seen as natural pool or swimming pond water sheets for pleasure purposes, proofed, equipped with one part used for bathing and another to water purification through biological and mechanical processes.
The main objective is to provide a natural pool bathing water quality in accordance with European legislation and regulations.
Excluded are all processes that use chemicals, UV (ultraviolet light), ultra sound, or similar. The total water renewal is permitted only in exceptional cases.


Assuming that in the short to medium term there will also be pools with biological treatment of public use in the Iberian Peninsula, GIABN feels the need for a proper definition for a legal framework, as well as methods for the proper assessment of water quality. Aware of this lack of regulation, the members of the Iberian Group for naturalized Bathing Water, GIABN, professionals in the industry of pools with biological treatment, developed this guidelines for pools with biological treatment for public use.

download: Guidelines (in Spanish) (114 kB)


The Grupo Iberico naturalized bathing waters GIABN is a founding partner of the International Organization for natural bathing waters (IOB).